The national Fidac essay contest, the Fidac study program for all Units and the national doll contest will be continued, as recommended in the report of the Chairman, Past National President Mrs. He was born in Ireland and came to San Francisco via Australia in 186S. M standard ART studios SOS West Lake Street, Dept. "It is a valuable gun. Experience unnec- essary we tell you how, Illustrated book free. Hardware and Sporting Goods Stores

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everywhere. It is the influence and support of the Auxiliary women that have made the Legion the greatest force for good in America today." There again is an answer to those women who question the advisability of joining an organization which is an auxiliary. Maloney, care of Court House, Washing- ton,., or Jas. Call is president and owner of the Call Bond and Mortgage Company and presi- dent of the Terminal Grain Cor- poration, both of Sioux City, Iowa. Cli" Just an old Guatemalan custom!" Heart of the West YOU don't use a single gallon of gasoline to get from Rawlins, Wyoming, to somewhere else.

The list is far from complete. Send for further information about this policy. One representative to every Post or Unit. Williams, the colors under which she had served. His- tory now available. W-1006 4S00 Mary Ave.

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Young Brulais was supporting Fifi solici- tously. You'll recapture forgotten memories with the story of the great trans-Atlantic submarines, the Deutsch- land, the raid along the New England coast. I have no illusion that by the simple expedient of paying the bonus now, in cash, we should supply the nation's commercial machine enough energy to keep it going smoothly and profitably for all time to come. When they grow old. No other city has provided a better background for that pageant. I cannot believe that the country will express forgetfulness by cancelling rights of its disabled veterans founded upon pledges given in time of national peril. I can't see that he is proved guiltless, just because he's American." Again Bond smiled, and motioned for silence. Endorse the principle of job se- curity by job sharing, and co-operate in the work undertaken by the banking and industrial committees of the twelve Federal Reserve districts to put into nation-wide operation methods of shar- Official transportation for the convention fifty of the latest. Two officers were on the bridge with a quartermaster on either prostituee thionville trans morbihan side. The bullet had halted. Wrenn are his widow and a daughter. "Give him this note." He wrote briefly of Kelly. To say nothing of the eleven billions of dollars taken from the American people The american legion Monthly annually by organized crime, thanks to the Volstead Act. National gay esclave plan cul gratuit annonce Commander Louis. Provide a source for the relief of a large number of cases now being taken care of by relief agencies, so enabling these agencies to add other needy non- veteran families to their lists. Bond spoke, when he came abreast of her, and she became voluble. Hart, of Montana; Aumonier National, Father Frank. Barton, Past National Adjutant and now General Manager of The American Legion Monthly, Director of Legion Co-operation; Milt. All delivery charges prepaid. It would start the factory wheels to turning, leaving with the merchants and manufacturers a fair profit on this business, and increasing the deposits and profits of the nation's banks. 42., 116 lbs., scar on left cheek. As there was no competition for the na- tional offices, Past National President Mrs. I have kept in close touch with the Navy, having been commissioned a lieutenant in the Naval Re- serve." Incidentally, we offer this comment from. Rag Gulch is the real thing. The National Economy League is against the "Bonus." If that were its whole purpose, we would grant them the right to their own opinion and let it go at that. (Continued from page 51) "At three-thirty, for instance?" Bond persisted.

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Then the Government, through the Federal Reserve Board and the War Fi- nance Corporation, began a forcible de- crease in circulation by shrinking credits and forcing payment of loans. Elsewhere, in hotel rooms, campaign managers earnestly checked returns from Department caucuses while hopes rose and ebbed. That convention set for 1933 a series of objectives in service to community and country, to the disabled of the World War and their dependents and to the victims of the depression. In other words, the National Guard has reached ma- turity. Double 5 u drake HOT L chicago minstrels TJniquefirst parts forcompletesho with special sonss and chor er«. More than a million dollars was spent during the past year by the Auxiliary in its work for disabled veterans.

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It was pre-eminently the day of the Pacific Coast and the Northwest. With the passage of the amended National Defense Act of 1920, General Washington's views on the im- portance and status of a trained militia were made the official policy of the United States. Or holmes park, missouri 5 10 counter goods Jaijnwiti. Coats Uttle-.rms Free booklet explains unusual opportunities for d pendable men in this big field of transportation. Let us compare that with some facts that are matters of historical record: In 1880, which happens to be a year that bears the same relation to the Civil War that 1932 does to the World War, 35 cents of every tax dollar went. Love 104J3 First.,. If it were a twelve-letter word there wouldn't have been a damned hero in the crowd." If You Could See What Happens Inside Your Gun Barrel You Would Realize the Importance of the New Seal -Tite Wad The tremendous pressure of the exploded powder pushes. We will always answer duty's call." There and Back legionnaire ' motorists drove to Portland by thousands, following the now-perfect federal highways which have risen on the founda- tions of the covered wag- on trails of the pioneers. From it, National Com- mander Louis. Flannery, of Illinois; Gardes de la Porte Nationaux, LeRoy Kaufman, of Pennsyl- vania, and Russell.

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Annonce plan cul gay cul de jeune Opponents of paying the bonus now are fond of referring to the whole oper- ation as creating "printing-press money" or fiat money. Stevens,., and like- wise by footballeur grosse bite gay black ttbm his son, Henry III, eight years old; Memphis (Tennessee) Post's drum corps with golden capes and a plumed drum major. Arizona led all the other States reward for making the best membership record in 1932, figured on the relation of actual en- rolment to basic". During this off duty their pay continues just as though they were working.
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Fat chub gay video o saveurs st brieuc Gentlemen : Please send me free literature telling about Western Xpert and Western Field shotgun shells, and a copy o f Capt. The finances of the Auxiliary are in splen- did condition as shown in the report given by Mrs. In the mere decade since the reorgani- zation of the National Guard was begun under the National Defense Act, it has come to be the first line of defense con- templated by the first President. To alleviate the high cost of government the newly-organized National Economy League, with Rear Admiral Richard Byrd at its head, appears on the horizon of de- pression pretending to be interested in re- ducing public expenditures, and behind a smoke-screen of patriotism, has begun.