Mumford Sons - Barclays Center February 06, 2013 - Brooklyn Mumford Sons is coming to Barclays Center. Mike Gould heads Metric as overall gen- eral manager. Polished chrome or copper finish. MGM/Verve Sales Confabs Sell 1 Mil New Singles; 'Wooly' A Gold Record NEW york More than a million units of new singles product were moved by MGM/Verve Records dur- ing its sales confabs in San Fran- cisco and New York, according to Lenny Scheer

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singles. Reports received from Spain inform us that Mexican song and dance duo Los Yorys, are a tremendous success in Madrid and other cities of that coun- try, where they are performing in night clubs and filming a picture. The new tapes, called the Dynarange Ser- ies, let customers cut recording and playback time by half without a loss in sound quality, resulting in twice the playing time per foot. The most significant highlight of this unique career has been saved for autumn 2011, when her debut artist album gets released on her label homebase Desolat.

First-In, First-Out Feature ; Multi- ple Pricing, Changemaker, Optional. Joeph Mangone, Miami, Fla. Full details of Libertys Decade of Prog- ress celebration in Los Angeles and a general history of the diskery appear on page 8 of this issue. For instance, Ken Sparkes, who spins the wax for 3UZ-Melbourne boasts of an audience larger than any other down under station, stretching all the way down to the penguins in Antartica. Woo) 3 Poèmes de Stéphane Mallarmé (1913 lasser (transcribed. London Music., reports very active sales on all vending equipment this week, which, he says, is unusual for this time of the year.

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Coin Empress 101 (101 Empress 92 (92 Regent 91 (91 Regent 77 (77 Fiesta 68 NON coin Empire viii (4x8) Empire VII plan cul puteaux grosse bite en cam (3x7) Duchess Vm (c8) Duchess VII (3x7) (Fiesta-Styled Models Crown Town Country Town Country Princess. LOf 1 -player, or 10 2-ployef by simple plug switchover. No doubt, high on the agenda will be tieing up details for their participation in the Sept. El Lissitzky best summarized its ethos: "The new world will not need little pictures he wrote in The Conquest of Art (1922). NEW cul gay passif petite bite gay coins Dont be too surprised when you see 25 pieces with brown edges begin to appear in your collections with increasing regularity around the end of the year, because thats exactly whats about to happen. He came to MGM/Verve as marketing director three years, having arrived from United Artists Reminder: Post Office Changed 'Ed Matter' Name NEW york Many in the tiade. At.M., the core Club has scheduled the evenings program. Hal tersebut tentu akan mengganggu stabilitas sosial. Extended an arm across the country to give a pat on the back and a Certificate of Ap- preciation to KHJ-Hollywood for its efforts in assisting homeless children around the world. Zarina: Paper Like Skin - Solomon. I think everybody who lives knows that pollen is important." Matisse: In Search of True Painting - Metropolitan Museum of Art Through March 17, 2013 - New York Henri Matisse (1869-1954) was one of the most acclaimed artists working in France during the first half. With the develop- ment of the A-V section. 2013 festival, paying homage this season to the creativity, substance, and renaissance of British music after World War. MGM Rushes Stevenson LP NEW york An album of speeches by Adlai Stevenson, called The Voice of the Uncommon Man, was shipped last week bv MGM Records. Tambourine Man The Byrds (CBS) Leeds *Tossin Turnin The Ivy League (Piccadilly) Southern* *Youve Got Your Troubles The Fortunes (Decca) Mills Heart Full Of Soul The Yardbirds (Columbia) FeldmanV Im Alive The Hollies (Parlophone) Shapiro Bernstein Crying In The Chapel Elvis Presley (RCA). While the acquisition of masters and the development of new artists has become an important function of Columbias West Coast A R depart- ment, it also serves to record the strong-selling bread-and-butter album artists. Akan tetapi, apa pun yang terjadi sebenarnya, tidak ada yang bisa memungkiri tiga kenyataan sejarah. Juilliard Jazz is a wbgo/Jazz 88 Arts Partner. Of course, the entire playfield is active at all times, explained Bill ODonnell, president of the Bally Manufacturing., when announcing the new game. Tiga kenyataan Sementara itu, sejarawan yang lain tidak yakin jika Jardine memiliki cukup pengaruh untuk memengaruhi parlemen Inggris untuk memulai perang dengan China. Un- like the airborne song which says He aint gonna jump no more, Black wants to run out and try it again. Miller, Chairman Sam Hastings Brud Oseroff Max Hurvich John Fling Ralph Ridgeway Leon Taksen Chas. ES ONE OF THE TEN Peter Noone, alias Herman, alias Henry viii, was told last week that he had been selected one of Englands ten best dressed men. Komoditas ini jauh lebih menarik daripada rempah-rempah biasa lainnya (seperti teh, kopi, lada atau garam) setidaknya karena dua hal: loyalitas (kecanduan) konsumen tinggi dan margin keuntungan yang tinggi. An expert recently appraised these dolls.00 each.) In addition, this juke box boasts three minstrels who are animated, plus drums, bells and percussion blocks.Machine has wooden coin slot and cashbox in the base of the machine.

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David rose (MGM K13377) (B-b) MAE (1:59) Miller, ascap Ortolani Potent renderings- of the Yellow Rolls-Royce tune. Originally formed in late 1993, Conehead Buddha hit the touring circuit hard - making friends and fans all over the suny college circuit, New England, and the Southeastern states. 54 Below is delighted to welcome back Broadway's own Michael Cerveris for four very special performances only, featuring him and his band, the magnificent Loose Cattle. I New Bally 50/50 Flipper Game Features Split Playfield 100 Pure Earning Energy ODonnell bally'S 50/50 chicago Concentration of scoring potential first on one side then on the other side of the playfield is the new play appeal gimmick built into Ballys 50/50 flipper type. Double-O-owww wist-Char- lotte,.C.

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The pubbery has planned a campaign to attract new composers and lyricists to the company by establishing regular listening and interviewing days to offer guidance to newcomers. Mexico) disk jockey 30 for a full year (other countries) coin firm. Kingstons Diversify (Continued from page 6) At the moment the Kingstons are completing an album for Decca and a situation comedy-musical TV series with Revue Studios. This Last Weeks Week Week On Chart. Lam's death, the collection is being exhibited here for the first time in the United States. Rebecca luker sings jerome kern - 54 Below Through February 02, 2013 - New York Broadway audiences fell in love with Rebecca Luker when she created the role of Lily in The Secret Garden. 34 Cash Box August 7, 1965 warners winning conclave Kicking off its fall drive, and a sales program tabbed Win With Warner Brothers/Reprise, the diskeries recently hosted a sales convention at the New York Hilton. W.B, Dual Price Play, 4-coin Rejector. WE ARE THE trade'S largest suppliers of Pool Table supplies slates, cues, balls, cloth, etc.